Dillon Precision’s Progressive Reloading Machines have dominated the IPSC Market for decades – and for good reason! Dillon’s reloaders are head-and-shoulders above their closest rival, and Practical Shooting shooters, who load and shoot more ammo than anyone else, recognize this and choose only Dillon. You would be hard pressed to find a single champion IPSC shooter who reloads on any other make of machine. It’s just a question of what model of Dillon Reloading Machine is right for you!

And Dillon does more than just make the finest reloading machines. They back their product up with the absolute best customer service and “no B.S. lifetime warranty” service in the business! When you purchase a Dillon reloading machine, you have purchased not only the best reloading gear on the market, but also the customer support and service of Dillon Precision – with their team of specialists standing by to take your call or reply to your email with any assistance or support you may need. It matters not if you are the first owner of a new reloading machine, or the 10th owner – you will get help if you need it!

Double -Alpha Academy, conveniently located in the Netherlands, is perfectly positioned to supply your Dillon needs in Europe. We have a spacious warehouse and hold large inventory so that your Dillon order can be filled without delay.

Double-Alpha Academy is already the European central Master Distributor for other leading brands in IPSC shooting, such as Competitive Edge Dynamics (CED), and we represent many other leading manufacturers of IPSC accessories like Aimpoint, CR speed, C-More, Mr. Bulletfeeder, Eakla, 5.11 Tactical, California Competition, D-Shoot, Ghost, Hoppner&Schumann, Maglula, MSA Sordin – and many others. And of course, if you are an IPSC shooter, you are probably familiar with our own brand DAA – as we offer over 100 products of our own manufacturing – including holsters, belts, pouches, mounts , base pads, books, DVDs and many more.

Popular Products

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